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Exciting updates: features, afterschool programs, conferences, and more.

⭐️ Nesara is now a Rose City Chess Coach! Excited to be joining this wonderful team. ⭐️

⚠️ OSCF introduces a Co-Ed format for the 2024 State Team Championship! ⚠️

Chess4Girls PDX pledges $2500 towards the cause.

From the Chess4Girls newsletter.

Oregon Chess Project Fellowship with Rose City Chess spring camps:

Piloting after-school Chess programs at local Title-1A schools:

Oregon Chess Project Fellowship with Rose City Chess summer camps:

Portland Chess Club waives tournament entry fees for all female players:

Monthly features in the Cedar Mill News:

💕 Making history with the first ever All-Girls State Championship Team! 💕

Left to right: Inchara, Saanvi, Nesara (me), Jocelyn, Lilia, & Madelyn (not pictured) 

Scoping the future of Chess4Girls w/ Mr. Sudhakar Kudva, the first OSCF President:

Presentation at the 2022 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC):

🏆 2022 Kathryn Rose Taylor Order of the Knight Award 🏆

Awarded by OSCF at the Oregon State Chess Championship for service to the Chess community and leadership in addressing gender inequalities prevalent in Chess. 

Spreading the word about Chess4Girls PDX at the USCF Cross Cultural Girls Chess Club 

w/ the inspirational GM Jennifer Shahade!

Chess4Girls Feature on KGW News:

Talking Chess4Girls as a new member on the ever-expanding OSCF board:

Chess4Girls Feature on the Northwest Chess Magazine: